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Professional activity reports

A professional activity report is a document that gathers the experience of an academic activity or work experience in specific areas of specialization. Even of an investigation that derives in an academic article or in a report of support for the teaching by means of the elaboration of didactic material, of social service or of field work.

These reports can be presented by several professional activities:

  • By activity of support for teaching
  • For professional work
  • For social service
  • By project to support the dissemination

We know that your work, professional activities, lack of knowledge on the subject for the time elapsed, prevent you from concluding a high quality document. In Applied Intellect we offer you that guide and that support that you need according to the professional activity that you have carried out.

We have a group of experts offering your services with the quality and punctuality that our clients require. Ask for our services and quote your project at no cost.

The tests require time and concentration so that they are original and of quality. We understand that the necessary time or space for adequate concentration is not always available.

In the Our company professionals platform you will find excellent writers, teachers and editorialists who will help you immediately.

All you have to do is send us the characteristics of your work and your data. We will contact you quickly and confidentially.

Preparation of presentations

The exhibition of your professional projects and investigations through slides allows you to present your exhibition in sequence in an organized and dynamic way. However, in this presentation certain guidelines must be met that are required by the formality of the event.

Our company offers you the possibility of having the best presentation so that no detail is omitted and can be as short as possible, personalizing the requested requirements.

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